Halcyon Lawrence

Meaning of Halcyon

Pronunciation: hal-see-uhn

Phonetic Transcription: hælsiən



About Me

I have been an educator in higher education for over 20 years. I am passionate about training and have conducted communication seminars with several organisations in Trinidad and Tobago and in the US. I am an advocate of user-centered design, passionate about keeping the user at the heart of all content and product development. I am an Assistant Professor of Technical communication at Towson University in Maryland. My scholarship focuses on speech intelligibility and the design of speech interactions. Fun fact: The word, "Halcyon" regularly appears as "Word of the day" in online dictionaries.

Hear Me

Listen to three recent podcasts in which I've been interviewed:
  • Techsplaining with my colleague, Liz Hutter
  • My Accent Story by Yelena Rivera-Vale
  • When I Talk to Siri by Lauren Neefe