Halcyon Lawrence

Usability Research

For the past 7 years, I've had the opportunity to work on a number of usability projects for clients in Chicago. Work typically includes a heuristic analysis of a client's website, creating user personas, creating tasks for testing, for both in-person and remote tests. All clients receive a comprehensive report which includes user findings and re-design recommendations. Samples of work provided below are representative of actual work, but are not complete reports.

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Document Design

Here are samples of design work done for both on-line and print environments.

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Instructional Design

I've been developing and designing technical programmes for the past 10 years. These courses and programmes include software training, and technical report writing and presentations. Here's a sample of two of instructional design projects. One teaches about the proper use of visual aids and the other teaches seniors how to use the basic features on a mobile phone.

Visual Aids Image. filler Image. MotoRazr Image

Training Programmes

Training is my passion. I've had the opportunity to provide corporate and academic training to a range of clients over the past 8 years, both in Trinidad and Tobago and here in Chicago. Here's a sample of Technical Report Writing and Research Paper Writing workshops that I've delivered.

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